Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DM Concept Aircrafts

Here are some war robot designs based upon different animals. The one right above is fusion of a dog body with bug wings with a giant powerful ion blaster mounted on top. It has some other weopons on the side's n top which has 360 degrees range and can even fire while flying.
The second war robot, which has a funny design because its based on a chick is no ordinary robot ...... it works as a powerful all terrain robot because of its sturdy leg design n can fight in almost any kind of environment. This robot is controlled by a pilot which sits right in front. While flying the legs retract back and jet booster gives it amazing speed to fly anywhere.
The third robot based on a falcon and has amazing speed n has some of the most powerful weapons mounted on top ......... it has another weapon inside the mouth which produces ultra high pitch sound n magnetic waves which can literally destroy a aircraft within its range!!

Here are some of my designs for aircrafts that may be in use 50 years from now.