Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some sketches

So I've been really busy recently doing a full time job, freelance work, trying to get into shape, having a healthier lifestyle and sorta trying my hand at Brazilian jujitsu as well. But all this has led me to not having any time to do any personal work. So two weeks ago, on a friends recommendation i joined Noah Bradley's Art Camp.  Its pretty much like a boot camp but for artists. Its helping me revisit my fundamental painting & drawing skills. Its a intensive class where Noah posts a demo every week and lists assignments that need to be done by next week. I am trying my best to do as many assignments i can and its helping me push myself back into what i love. Sharing above are couple of sketches i did for week two of this camp. You can find rest of the work that i am doing for his class here  . Cheers!