Thursday, July 29, 2010

Art Work - Wild Knight!

Hey folks,
I would like share some of the initial sketches i did for Wild Knight .
These are one of the first sketches i did after reading the script. Final design is mostly based on this one.
Initial conceptual sketches done while xplorin the character of Wild Knight!
Fishermen sketches!
Some prop Designs.........wild knight's machete , boat designs n white tip reef shark!


Gulzar said...

Hey thanks man, for followin.
Where you workin bro?
And you from Calcutta?

Would love to hear from you man.
loved some of the stuffs here :)

RAnJit said...

Thanks man !.....
right now iam studyin Fine Arts in Vancouver n doing some freelance work too!.. u can contact me on!......n i loved ur work too!